In the past I have frequently taught in a workshop situation. It is an excellent setting for people who know editing and are only learning new software, or are already computer savvy and can swallow a new program whole. However, It's a lot to take in and for those who are a little less experienced, or with very beginner students, I'm finding that the extra focused attention of private tutoring produces better and faster results.

As an instructor I am sensitive to a variety of learning needs and I come to teaching with a fun and alternative approach. I am available for tutoring both privately and semi-privately. In addition to Final Cut Pro, I teach Photoshop, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, iMovie and iDVD. I also teach general computer skills for beginners and phobics.

Final Cut Pro Workshop

The Final Cut Pro workshop is taught over two days (12 hours). The course covers the general concepts of digital video editing, the basic set-up, file management, the capturing procedure, basic editing tools, Transition effects, motion effects, and titles in Final Cut Pro. The workshop also covers importing files such as still photos and music files and final output to video tape/export to a digital file to use in a DVD authoring program.

It’s a pretty intensive class, especially if you're coming into it as a beginner. Most of my students come out of the two days a little overwhelmed with information. No one is expected to retain all the details right from the get go so come prepared to take notes. If you take good notes, you should come away from this workshop equipped to edit your first video.

Please contact me for rates and availability.