First You Need a Fire,
The Raku Ceramic Artwork of Melvyn Malkin
2002, 17 mins, DV Video

This video was done when my dad, Melvyn Malkin, was still working in clay. Mel has since quit working in ceramic and is working on paper again using chalk and oil pastels. The sheep that are seen in the clip are now being produced by MalkinRaku. Visit MalkinRaku. The video finds Mel in his natural habitat on the Saskatchewan prairie and follows him through the entire process of his raku work. Interviewed on the soundtrack, Mel imbues the tape with his own pearls of wisdom. Visit Mel’s Website. First You Need a Fire is distributed by VTape. The video has screened throughout Canada, was purchased by the Saskatchewan Craft Council and public libraries and was aired on Bravo! in 2003-5.

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