Artist Videos

Painting Our Stories, See Clip, 2010, 6:30 mins, HDV Video, Producer, Director, Chris Rahim. Short documentary promotional video for Painting Our Stories a community mural project in Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario.

¿Oye Qué Bolá?, Cuban Voices on Sexual Diversity See Clip, 2009, 38 mins, DV Video, Producers, Directors, Jerome Scully and David Fernandez. Documentary on Sexual Diversity in Cuba.

The Lactation Station, Breast Milk Bar, See Clip, 2008, 5 mins. and 2 mins. DV Video. Producer, Director, Jess Dobkin. Documentary video of a performance art work by Jess Dobkin.

Concrete Poetry, See Clip, 2007, 4 Mins., DV Video. Producer, Director, Kaelee Malcolm. Short video on teen violence alternatives.

The Misadventures of Pussy Boy, First Period, See Clip, 2003, 4 mins, DV Video. Producer, Director, Alec Butler. Third in the series of Pussy Boy Animated Videos.


The Amazing Amazons, See Clip, 2004, 23 mins. 16mm Film. I learned After Effects in 2001 in order to complete the animated sections of The Amazing Amazons. Originally, I was going to map out the animation in After Effects and then shoot it in film--but when I realized that I could export it from After Effects and have it transferred onto film, I was thrilled. I've been using AFX for almost everything ever since and love it.    Visit The Amazons' Website

ARK, Video Installation, See Clip, 2006, 28 mins. After Effects Animation and DV Video. In the summer of 2006 I assisted artist Melissa Shiff with the animation for her video installation piece entitled ARK. ARK was commissioned for the Jewish History Museum in Prague for their centennial anniversary. The video, projected into a 12 by 15 foot plexi-glass boat prow, chronicles the history of the museum over its 100 years of dramatic existence.

Happy Anniversary, See Clip, 2007. 3 1/2 mins. DV Video. Originally commissioned for the 10th anniversary of the sex toy store, Good For Her, I created this animation to be screened at the 2nd Annual Feminist Porn Awards night, produced by Good For Her. Created entirely from digital photographs in After Effects this 3 minute ditty depicts the party the toys are having back at the store when all the staff are at the awards/anniversary party.