Excerpts from independent video and film projects by Anna Malkin

Excerpts From The Queer Story Archive 2013, 2014, 18mins. HD Video. A compilation of snippets from the over 120 stories from the Queer Story Archive at www.onmyplanet.ca. Originally produced to screen at the Out North Film Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon in 2013. The Yukon Queer Film Alliance sponsored a visit to collect stories from their vibrant community in the north for onmyplanet.ca.

The Amazing Amazons, 2004, 23 mins. 16 mm Film. A campy, queer take off on Wonder Woman, a true Canadian Super Hero fights crime and might just get the girl!!! The Amazing Amazons premiered at the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in 2004 and has screened at Lesbian and Gay film festivals internationally since then.
The film is distributed by CFMDC.
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First You Need a Fire, The Raku Ceramic Artwork of Melvyn Malkin, 2002 12 mins. The video finds Mel in his natural habitat on the Saskatchewan prairie and follows him through the entire process of his raku technique. First You Need a Fire aired on Bravo! in 2003-5 and is distributed by VTape.

Dianna, 1998, 4 mins. Super 8mm Film. Collaboration W/ Mary Bunch. Dianna was produced specifically for the Splice This! Super 8 film festival in the spring of 1998, and features Cate Freisen and members of The Backstabbers on the soundtrack. Dianna aired on WTV’s Shameless Shorts in 1998.

Mom, I Think I’m… 1995, 11 mins. Mini DV. A young lesbian, (and daughter of a lesbian) takes up with a man and is overwhelmed with the potential repercussions in her community.It premiered at the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in 1996, and went on to do an international tour of L and G Festivals. Mom… aired on WTV’s Shameless Shorts in 1997.

Happy Anniversary, 2007, 3 mins. Originally commissioned for the 10th anniversary of the sex toy store, Good For Her, this animation was created to be screened at the 2nd Annual Feminist Porn Awards night, produced by Good For Her. Created entirely from digital photographs in After Effects this 3 minute ditty depicts the party the toys are having back at the store when all the staff are at the awards/anniversary party.
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